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The Grand River Counselling Team is a team that you can trust! With many years of education and experience, the Grand River Counselling team is the ones to help you change your life, and get you through your daily routine! Make your appointment today and have this amazing team of therapists help you through your trials and tribulations!

Having so many years of combined experience, educations, and certificates, Grand River Counselling is the best place in Paris Ontario, and the surrounding area to get your counselling. Try it today by booking your appointment. Follow the steps below,  create your username, and book the perfect time for you to sit down and make that first step in changing your life.

Many people already have made the big change in their lives by getting to the route of the problem. Once they find the source, they are humbled and relieved of all pain and anxiety. It takes a great journey to get to this point, so let the professionals help you through the journey to happiness.

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Laura Dowler

C/O Cobblestone Medicine & Rehab
1084 Rest Acres Rd.
Paris, Ontario
N3L 0B5

+1 (519) 302 2000

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